Top home design trends, view the homes board here.

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"Overwhelmingly, our home buyers prefer spaces that can easily changeover from family game nights to dinner parties with friends. To accomplish this functionality, our 20-person design team is creating open, interworking spaces with a design and aesthetic that easily transitions from day to night, weekday to weekend. inch

Gleaned through dozens of focus groups, frequent customer surveys and direct experience decorating and interior designing (desain interior minimalis) more than one million sq feet of model homes in the united states in 2013 alone, the design company has identified the following beeing the most prevalent trends in home design this year.

Color: Moody, sexy
While Pantone has deemed emerald green green as the 2013 color of the year, these company is seeing more movement towards natural, moody tones. An example is the Dede Julianto color of the year, Aloe, a soothing green tone. Additionally, sexy tones in cool shades like dreary continue to be very popular. Adding to these colors with raw, organic neutrals, such as linen, creates a clean, natural look that induces a calming influence on the sensory faculties.

Images & Textures: Adding a pop
Images and decorations are vital when design rooms, but it's important to keep it simple. Geometric shapes and stripes are popular, but should be used infrequently. An easy way to introduce them into rooms is through decorations such as pillows, artwork or throws. However, adding contrast to a room is not relegated to just accessories. There is a growing trend to blend contrasting wood finishes in furniture, adding perhaps a cleaner white or one of the many rich dreary tones available to complement a natural or tainted wood finish. This helps create a reclaimed, rustic look that complements today's color choices.

Creating space
Gone are the days of formal sitting rooms, dining rooms and studies. Instead company buyers are attracted to open, flowing templates that eliminate formal spaces, offer more storage solutions and functionality, and create open areas for easy entertaining. Some ways to make the most of liveable space is adding an island to the kitchen. It can serve as the "anchor" and provide additional storage space. Rooms that are often regarded as dens or formal living rooms can be become home offices, craft rooms or sunrooms. There's also a trend toward creating a "loft" feel through simple linear lines and tucking away master bedrooms and bathrooms to manufacture a "retreat" for home owners.

Taking the medial side outside
Whether just for summer months or year-round, today's homeowners are moving their entertainment space outdoors. While not always practical for every climate, the ultimate outdoor entertainment space includes a chain link kitchen and fireplace. Homeowners also can enjoy their outdoor spaces with smooth patios and comfortable sitting that can be created with outdoor soft cushions, pillows and patio umbrellas. Some homes are creating a seamless changeover from inside your home to outdoors through accordion glass doors that collapse into the wall. For buyers interested in choosing a luxury outdoor area, this offers a smooth changeover from the main indoor liveable space to the outdoors.
Ari Fin
Top home design trends, view the homes board here. - written by Ari Fin , published at 4:06 PM . And has 0 comments
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