Design Interior Building app And Perform New Ideas

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Design terms can be confusing to consumers. They are often attracted to a particular style, but don't realize how to best communicate their preferences when starting a new construction or remodel project. Do they choose the clean lines of modern design ( desain interior ) or the classic selling point of traditional decor? Or perhaps they fall somewhere in between, which will be best termed transitional.

Design Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery new Facebook iphone app helps users identify their personal design style. The iphone app requests users to answer six visual-style questions, ranging from their dream a vacation in what type of flowers they would possib to obtain in an arrangement. Based on the specific preferences, the iphone app determines which design style the user most identifies with modern, transitional or traditional and suggests specific bathroom products that match that particular style.

“It can be overwhelming for many consumers to begin the idea gathering required for a new construction or major remodel project, ” said the proprietor. “This fun, simple ask is a great path for homeowners to start turning their own vision of the perfect kitchen or bathroom into a reality. Determining their style preference before visiting our shop permits us to better meet their needs because we’re able to direct them to product that specifically suits them. ”

Users can share their leads to their Facebook wall or download them. The iphone app also populates the results page with the address of the nearest shop and an option to look up directions.
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